Manage your discounts simply in one place anytime with your mobile device

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For any device

Built on web, works on your phone, tablet or computer. No special requirements. Only if you want to read a code, one camera is needed, but maybe you already have 3 :)

For everyone

Easy to use for customers, easy to operate for businesses, regardless of size.

For free

It is free and will be always free for customers. No worries no hidden fees. Core functionality is free even for businesses, a business needs to buy subscripton only for extra services.

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Give or get membership points, manage your fidelity cards or business like child's play

The simplest user interface no glutter. You want to use your cards? Here they are. You want to recognize a customer, easy just read their NiftyPass' QR code with the built in camera. Issuing and spending points is the same simple, you just need to figure out if giving or receiving is better :)

William of Ockham

"All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one." - William of Ockham

All around solution to handle your personal membership cards,
or manage your business' fidelity program.

That is a lot of feature. At least the latter needs account management, order tracking, stock management just to name a few what could be a standalone software. But still if you miss something drop us a line and we can make your NiftyPass better together.

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